Deluxe Re-Design Pamper Package

Yearning for a change? Seeking a pick-me-up? Unveil a whole new you with our exclusive Deluxe Re-Design Pamper Package.

Price: £55 | Value: £133 | Savings: £78

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What's included in the package:

Full Style Consultation: Embark on a personalised style journey with a comprehensive consultation. Our expert stylists consider your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle, ensuring the perfect style that complements your individuality.

Personalised Stylist Style Recommendations (Value £15): Revel in the expertise of our stylists as they provide tailored recommendations, unlocking the secrets to a style that not only suits but enhances your unique features. The value of feeling confidently yourself? Priceless.

Deluxe Upgrade Treatment with Hot Towel (Value £22.50): Indulge in luxury with a deluxe treatment crafted just for you. Our personally prescribed conditioning, hydration, and shine upgrade, coupled with a soothing hot towel experience, transform your hair into a luscious canvas of radiance.

Cut and Finish Your Desired Style (Value up to £60.50): Elevate your style with a precision cut and finish, bringing your vision to life. Whether it’s a bold transformation or a subtle tweak, our skilled stylists ensure you leave with a look that exudes confidence and sophistication.

Style and Product Advice for At-Home Maintenance: Gain valuable insights on maintaining your fabulous look effortlessly at home. Our experts provide customised advice, ensuring your hair remains salon-fresh between visits.

Full Colour Consultation and Optional Skin Test: Dive into the world of colour with a thorough consultation and, if desired, an optional skin test. Explore the possibilities and find the perfect hue to express your style.

FREE Voucher Savings for Future Visits (Value £35): Embrace the gift of future savings with complimentary vouchers, including:

    • FREE £15 OFF Colour Voucher
    • FREE £10 OFF Your Next Cut & Finish Voucher
    • FREE £10 OFF Eufora Shampoo & Conditioner Voucher

Ready for a transformation?

Buy your Deluxe Re-Design Pamper Package today and let us redefine your style with a touch of indulgence and expertise!

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